The Boys Reading project aims to make reading an integral part in the life of boys aged 11-15. The project consortium asserts that this can only be achieved if teenage boys acquire control over their reading and are enabled to choose their readings from books that satisfy their actual needs and interests. Addressing the needs of boys effectively requires dialogue and the collective effort of all partners in the education process, including government, educators, parents, and community members. The Boys Reading project targets all stakeholders but focuses especially on educators, enabling them to provide classroom experiences that respond to the interests, needs, and learning styles of boys, and to engage boys and girls equally as readers and writers. The objectives of the project are:

  1. Raise the motivation and interest of boys to read and write in order to close the gender gap
  2. Open up schools to appealing materials, including digital ones, to make reading and writing relevant to boys’ individual preferences
  3. Facilitate contact with male role-models engaging in literacy and
  4. Develop initiatives aimed at making language development fun and appealing for adolescent boys.